Nameless tentsite NOBO 1177

This post is from August 26, 2018.

My pace, elevation profile and other GPS track information are viewable on:

Paul Congdon and his son dropped me at the I-80 trailhead today at 9:15. As I hiked north away from the Interstate I passed through scenic, but different country:




Today was my first 20 mile day of this trip. I feel strong and no ankle pains. The big challenge today was the fact that there was no water from mile 11 to 23 and I did not want to try for 23 miles today so I had to load 3 liters of water at this spring and carry that 9 miles to the campsite. That made the pack heavy.

My feet are gradually improving. I still need duct tape for the heel blisters.

This is my campsite for tonight:

Up to this point on this PCT section, at every single one of my backcountry campsites, I was the only person within miles.


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