Sierra City NOBO 1195

This post is from August 27, 2018.

My pace, elevation profile and other GPS track information WERE SOMEHOW LOST FOR THIS DAY! 😦

I hiked 18 1/2 miles today to reach Sierra city and this comfortable bed and breakfast room from which I am writing this entry. The inn is called “My Sisters Cottage” in this very tiny town of Sierra City. I emerged from the woods and reached Highway 49 at about 4 o’clock this afternoon after an 8 AM start from last night’s campground. I had to stop and process the day’s water at about mile two which forced me to lose some time and I also took my now standard 20-minute break around mile ten to take the weight off of my ankles to let the blood flow there and hopefully avoid injury to my artificial ankle like I had on the Long Trail in 2016.

It was quite cold when I crossed this wind-swept ridge this morning at about 8:30 AM I had long pants on and a long sleeve polypro and I still felt cold with the wind until the sun came up higher around 9:30.  Later in this section, I would wish for these conditions as far preferable to hoards of gnats in all the orifices of my head.

This is a shot of the Jackson Meadows Lake area that I encountered about halfway through today’s hike:

Here are some views during the descent towards Highway 49:

This is a view of Sierra Buttes which is what I will have to ascend tomorrow morning. To reach the shoulder where the PCT passes over this peak I have to climb 3000 vertical feet over the course of about 8 miles. Looking forward to it.😀


2 thoughts on “Sierra City NOBO 1195

    1. Not other than signs of deer. Previous hikers posts of bad encounters with a bear in spot I slept in night before Sierra City. I hung my bag so bear would have to trip over my tent to approach it and I kept my air horn at the ready but it was a peaceful night and I slept the whole night through.


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