Unnamed tent-site NOBO 1227

This post is from August 29, 2018.

My pace, elevation profile and other GPS track information are viewable on:


I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked by Paul Congdon. That breakfast was a great way to kick off my 4-day 3-night 80-mile push to Belden. I bid goodbye to Paul and Cameron at 8:45am and started a 5-mile climb, having regained seven thousand feet altitude. During that climb, I had these views:



This whole 80-mile segment is plagued by long dry spells and I was delighted to find a piped spring running where I drank the cold water untreated.

PCT 1048-1287 068

Late in the day, shortly before camp, note my low-volume water collection technique using the leaf, learned on the AT:

This deer stood just off the trail, watching me for a long time, completely unafraid.

Feet healing well. Will stop needing duct tape in another day or two.

My campsite tonight:


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