Middle Fork Feather River NOBO 1249

This post is from August 30, 2018.

My pace, elevation profile and other GPS track information are viewable on:


I broke camp and was hiking by 8am. I knew I had a 23-mile day in store for me, but due to what looked like a dry 12 last miles I felt I needed to try to make it to this major river. In addition to giving me water for my camp, getting these 23 miles behind me leaves me with only 37 miles to go to Belden so I expect I will reach my finish by Saturday night.

I had a major water SNAFU today. I left camp with 1 liter of water and i planned to fill up at either Whiskey spring, 1/3 mile off the trail or Alder Spring 800 feet off the trail. I passed by the sign for Whiskey spring because a southbound hiker told me water was good at Alder Spring and it was less of a deviation off the PCT.  I used my GPS to make sure I did not miss this second and last reliable water supply in these 23 miles. Despite these precautions, I did indeed miss the spring and when I checked my GPS it said the spring was now 1.2 miles behind me!! I now had 1/2 liter of water left and I resigned myself to hike the last 12 with almost no water as I felt i had no choice. Thankfully at mile 19 I took a gamble on an unreliable creek 500 feet steeply down from the PCT and found cool clear water. What a relief!

This water problem had me so preoccupied that I did not take any pictures until after I found water.

This is a shot of my steep descent down to the Middle Fork of the Feather River, almost 4000 feet below today’s high point.

This major river obstacle on the PCT Is breached by this landmark bridge, the largest equestrian/hiker bridge on the entire PCT.


My campsite by the river:


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