Belden! NOBO 1287

This post is from September 1, 2018.

My pace, elevation profile and other GPS track information are viewable on:

I hiked about 17 miles today through varying terrain and 1,000,000,000 gnats.

I broke camp and was hiking by 8am. During the first 9 undulating miles yet still around 7000′ elevation I saw views like these:



I knew I was getting closer to getting out of the deep woods when I saw this sign 9 miles from the end:


During the long 3000’+ descent into the (Main) Feather River Canyon I saw views like these:


During this 6 mile descent, I was besieged by gnats. I covered myself in DEET but they still constantly flew into my eyes, nostrils, and ears for about 3 hours. I was so urgently swatting at them that twice I nearly fell off the steep switchbacks.

At about 3pm and almost 17 miles, I reached Belden and the end of this planned 240-mile section, I was underwhelmed, to say the least. Neither they nor any area campground had any rooms or even tent spaces to rent. I ended up backtracking onto Forest Service land where I made this camp:


On the positive side, it is only about 300 meters from my tent to the Belden restaurant and store so at least I won’t be hungry while I camp waiting for Bill Johnson to pick me up late tomorrow morning.

PS yes the bottle of champagne on the picture is for me to privately and gnat-free celebrate my successful and on-time completion of this section!


One thought on “Belden! NOBO 1287

  1. Great job, Paul! Looks like you were really getting into the rhythm of the PCT. Really nice photos all along the way. I’m sure that champagne must have gone down easily. Have a safe trip home! The PCT will be there waiting for your return.


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